Currently on at Gallery1988, is an exhibition of wacky hilarity. The show is ‘Memes’, and sees 100 artists tributing the internet meme. If you’ve never heard of a meme or would like to find out more, visit Know Your Meme.

My own piece is inspired by ‘Hipster Ariel‘, but has been updated and now features the one and only Bela Lugosi. It’s a very tongue in cheek painting, which pokes a little fun at the recent onslaught of vampire flavoured pop culture offerings.

The show is taking place at G1988′s Melrose location and runs until the 26th May.

Hipster Bela painting
















Hipster Bela painting in frame















Memes show on opening night 1







Memes show opening night







Memes show opening night 3








Hipster Bela painting on opening night



















Hipster Bela flyer for the Memes show at G1988

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