Tim Maclean PortraitTim Maclean is an artist from the Highlands of Scotland. He creates surreal paintings which explore the mystery of consciousness and how it is shaped by language and culture. Focus is placed upon our everyday conceptions of the mind, along with past and present discoveries in psychology and neuroscience and how we engage with these to better understand ourselves. The otherworldly environments of Tim’s paintings are populated with characters and figures inspired by the ages of history, pop culture and myth, among others and his own unique imagination supplies the rest.

In creating these pieces Tim employs a combination of modern digital and traditional fine art techniques. Preparation plays an important role in his work and the process begins with a series of pencil sketches which then get digitally scanned in order to aid compositional planning and colour development. Only once this stage is complete will Tim start work on the final piece where his exquisite brushwork and freestyle screenprinting skills work hand in hand.


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